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Environmentally friendly

Made from polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric, MediBib™ medication safety vest is breathable, soft, light, cool, chemical resistant and nontoxic. The vest naturally decomposes and completely incinerates without any poisonous pollutant.

Click the link below to view a short video from Dr. Pape, who is the nurse researcher whose original research study led to this vest being manufactured. The video includes medication safety background information, and implementation practices that have been effective within other organizations. The original study began in

Click here to view Medication Safety Vest Implementation Video


VEST Features

The medication safety vest slips over the head easily. If it becomes soiled or contaminated, it can be easily torn away and disposed of (has slits designed for this).

Tape on the lower front edge to fasten to the uniform to prevent fly away while walking. Click here to view vests and for ordering information


Tape is found on the lower front and back edges, and  fastens to the nurses uniform to prevent fly-away while walking.

Size - 30x100cm (12x39.5inches)
Packaging - 100pcs per box, 10 boxes per carton.
White print on orange 35 gsm non-woven spun bond polypropylene.


DO NOT DISTURB SIGNS are so important to detract other employees from interrupting or distracting the nurse during medication rounds.

You can order and use pre-made signs on medication room doors and above medication dispensing machines or wherever needed.

Click here to view signs and ordering information


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